The Snowman's Hearing Journey

This page consists of a series of informal audio recordings about my journey into acquiring and learning to use a cochlear implant.

This process will be especially interesting, as I am a 69-year-old totally blind person, who has relied heavily on hearing to minimize the impact of blindness, and to continue to live a fully productive life without vision. I was blessed with excellent hearing until this late stage, at which time I now find myself presented with the need to adapt, and adjust, and once again learn to function with even further reduced and compromised senses.

This is a challenge, and a learning process. Full functionality is expected to take months to achieve. And, my natural hearing will never be restored. But, cochlear lends an oppertunity to remove the communication barriers that have developed, and bring an increased sense of connectedness, ease and comfort to my life. This will be challenging. But, I am eager to take it on, and see how far I can take it.

The purpose of these informal narative recordings is especially to provide perspective to other blind folks who may now, or at some future time, find themselves facing this daunting challenge.

As this process proceeds, I will update this page with additional recordings to document my perception of the progress. I'm not here to brag about my accomplishment. I am here to show you what it really was like.

Cochlear Processor activation Monday, April 26, 2021.

Here are links to the files posted so far:
Before Surgery Five Days After Surgery Twenty Five Days After Surgery Ten Days After Activation Fourteen Months After Activation Two years After Activation, Listening time 5 minutes

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