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This is a place where I collect favorites, like links to interesting news and opinion sites, knowing full well that some people will object to some of them. I may or may not agree with all views expressed, but I might. And besides, who does. and frankly, often I do. They are not all news sites, but some are. Some are just links to companies whose products I buy. Their appearance here is not necessarily an endorsement, though it might be. In any case, I do think you should at least know about them, since I do. Enjoy your intrepid search for knowledge from among the miscellaneous fragments of my life.


Mike Dezinno, America's Blind Tradesman One America News Network Missouri Liberty Radio

American Dissident Voices

This weekly column from the National Alliance tells it like nobody else will say it. There is thought-provoking and logical perspective here I bet you have never heard. This is not hate speech. But, of course, those who don't like the message will predictably say so. Listen, and decide for yourself.
AmericanDissident Voices Broadcast audio For more installments, Go to this site, and search for "American Dissident Voices"., or read the many thoughtful articles posted here:


There is another story to consider when you think about Covid-19. There may be more going on here than we are told. There is some very interesting and verifiable information here: Joseph Mercola, The Truth About Covid-19

Health and Diet

PuriThrive Liquid Vitamins The Save Our Bones Institute, (through diet) NatureCity Dr. Al Sears

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