OTS AV Scripts for JAWS For Windows
Version 1.21
Updated For JAWS 10.0

Support for OtsAVPro version 1.77 and 1.85.001 is available.

These scripts are a free upgrade to current holders of scripts for Ots DJ. Your existing authorization file will enable these scripts as well. The interface is essentially identical,. So, you will find Ots AV to require no learning curve at all.


OtsAV is a program for making your PC sound just like a radio station, sequencing music, station IDs and allowing the DJ to talk amid the music.

This is actually a suite of applications, and the package includes scripts for the Ots Player, and Ots AV itself. The Ots Studio application has been partially scripted.

The Ots AV scripts allow you to focus on the playlist, the media library, the history or the work area, and cursur up and down like a text document. You can easily move tracks between the various lists. Hot keys are provided to do things such as controlling the auto DJ function, switching the decks between the cue and air channels, making sure the microphone is off, quickly learning what song is loaded into each deck, the status of each deck, inserting stop and cue directives, and much more. Now includes the ability to audition any track in your playlist before you play it on the air. Also includes the ability to conveniently pull a track back out of a deck onto the clipboard, and several hot keys for managing your media library.

The OTS MP3 converter is no longer necessary.

The Ots Player has been scripted to behave very much like winamp, complete with stop, pause and play keys, and the arrow keys to move the play position back and forth in the track.

Take A Test Drive

The Ots AV scripts will function in demo mode for about one week. The Ots Player does not presently function in demo mode.

For demo mode operation, depending on your version of JAWS, download one of the following zip files. JAWS5 or later Demo Authorization file. JAWS4 Demo Authorization file. Unzip the enclosed jsb file, and place it in your settings\enu folder for the version of jaws you are running. When you purchase a license, you will be provided a new version of this jsb file. Next, Check Out the Readme documentation here.

then, download the file shown below, and extrac the contents in to the user-specific settings\enu folder, following the installation instructions mentioned in the readme file above.

Updated to provide better menu mode processing. Download for OtsAV Dj 1.85.001, scripts version 1.21 Download for OtsAV Dj 1.77., scripts version 1.1d

How To Purchase

You can acquire a permanent authorization file for $30.00 in US funds. Click on the link below to send an inquiry to The Snowman via the send e-mail link at the bottom of this page. Please include your JAWS serial number so that your script package will be properly enabled. But, do not include credit card numbers. I will send you an invoice via the ProPay system. They will send you a link to a secure web site where you can enter your credit card information in confidence. They will send me a notice when the transaction is complete, and I will send your permanent authorization file via e-mail.

If you prefer to use PayPal, you can send $30.00 to snowman@SnowmanRadio.com

Changes for version 1.20

OtsAV dj 1.85 is the one the streams titles correctly. It operates very much like previous versions.

Some cool new hot keys were added that will let you search the focused window for artist, title, or time. Use control+shift+f, in the history, playlist, work area, or media library. Suppose you are playing trakcs at abou 8:30, and you want to know what you willb e playing at about 9:30. Press control+shift+f, and type in 09:3. Jaws will move to the first track after 09:30. Or, you want to see if you have any tracks by John Denver in the playlist? Just press control+shift+f and type in his name. The search is from the current selection downward.

It's now easier to arrow down the list, and play a song you find right now. Just press enter on it, like you would in winamp. Or, press control+enter to set it as the next selection without changing the rest of the playlist. To scroll it as the next item, press control+shift+enter.

Naturally, we would love to hear from you. Send e-mail to: snowman@SnowmanRadio.com..

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