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The SnowMan Radio Broadcast, a satirical talk show, was produced between August of 1999, and May 2001 by Jim Snowbarger of Marshalltown Iowa. The program was broadcast over Later shows were also broadcast on Shows were also posted on and a now defunked service called All voices and nearly all of the music used on this show were that of Jim Snowbarger.

The Program was supposedly originated from a mythical radio station known as WWSNOW, an A.M. station which featured talk programming comprised of the stream-of-consciousness ramblings of The SnowMan. The show featured three primary personalities:

Other personalities referred to but never heard were Nookie, girlfriend of Hefty Genitals, an unnamed secretary, presumably the SnowGirl, and the staff psychologist Dr. Weebit Mental, though Dr. Weebit does make one appearance.

The program was actually produced in a small spare bedroom with an 8-channel mixing board, several effects devices and a computer. The first 25% of these programs were produced on analog tape, with the remainder done with multi-track computer software. All programs were produced on Saturday afternoon, and uploaded late saturday night.

Programs can still be found playing in rotation on and on demand at

This page lists each of the 81 installments of the Snowman Radio Broadcast. Topics covered in each program, along with the starting time of each segment, are informally summarized.

Show Number 1

Show Number 2

Show 61.

Show 62.

Show 63. Christmas show!

As of this recording, it is almost vacation time!

Show 64.

Show 65.

It's the start of a new year, but The SnowMan doesn't wanna change the opening, and of course he never did.

Show 66.

  • 02:21 - The SnowMan talks about the fruit basket he got for Christmas that had 2 coconuts and a stick of sugar cane.
  • 06:21 - And, of course, to our mutual amusement, He had to sample it and make "music" with it.
  • 0:21 - The SnowMan uses the sugar cane sample, and the sample he made by tapping on 45 rpm records and makes a really cool little ditty.
  • 10:26 - A tirade on management. Instructive stories! These are grate, kept me laughing for many many minutes. But, I'm done now.
  • 21:09 - Hefties is back.
  • 23:22 - Begins with the news. These are ok but not really funny.
  • 26:35 - A bunch of neet little facts about all kinds of stuff, most of which are actually true!
  • Show 67.

  • 01:11 - Christmas is over and The SnowMan is thankful...
  • 01:54 - New technology! The SnowMan has his 80 gig drive setup with all of his sound effects on it, as well as his minidisc recorder.
  • 03:02 - Fun with containers. Featuring, the sterno can.
  • 08:16. - A little drug abuse on the snowman radio broadcast as he drinks some of the sterno with a surprising outcome.
  • 08:40.- The SnowMan has fun with Pop Rocks candy.
  • 10:31 - The results of mixing pop rocks and sterno.
  • 12:23. - The SnowMan samples the pop rocks too! Then plays with it! Neat.
  • 13:16. - The news with Hefties! Wow! even he thinks what The SnowMan did was really stupid, that is drinking the sterno and swallowing the pop rocks.
  • 14:53 - A story about the Darwin awards. Finally the 2001 natural selection awards have been given out. These are great. These awards, as you may remember, were given to the most stupid people on the face of the earth.
  • 22:54 - Promo, The ad for eds all night egg bar. Cute! Also heard on show 4.
  • 24:39 - Peat's personality sampler, also heard on show 4.
  • 29:17 - The show ends with the usual theme, but with The SnowMan playing with the pop rock sample and the dp 4 in the background.
  • Show 68.

    The sun is shining brightly although it is only 11.6 degrees out side of the WWSNOW studio.

    Show 69.

    Wow, this mp3 starts weirdly. It plays a few seconds, starts over, and has a brief pause inserted for some reason starting at 05:28... several more follow, then it sounds like The SnowMan rewinds the tape the broadcast is on because it starts about 5 seconds before the first pause began. But after that, it's ok for the rest of the broadcast fortunately... But anyway, I see he's really happy about this show being 69. Why is that?

    Show 70.

    Show 71.

    The show starts with the electric power cutting out as a result of the ice storm which had happened the previous day.

    Show 72.

    Spring is on the way although its 0 degrees outside.

    Show 73.

    Weird! At the time of this recording, it was raining on top of a foot of snow.

    Show 74.

    Spring is here, and so is cabin fever.

    Show 75.

    The SnowMan shows off his neet little invention that he can use to read voltages and air pressure and all kinds of stuff with. You can hear your Braille note's display tick off the time in sound forge.

    Shows 76 through 81 to hbe added.

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