Sound Forge 11
Scripts version 11.0.7
Posted on: October 16, 2016

Sound Forge 11 Scripts

These are scripts for the Sony Sound Forge audio editing program, Sound Forge 11, available at

Posted below is JAWS scripts version 11.0.7, including the following action items:


Since sound forge 11 seems to be a bit heavier on CPU usage with large projects, it is important to reduce the overhead imposed by video processing that you don't need. Follow these tips manually. You only need to do this once:


There are two major pieces to these scripts. One is the collection of files that actually comprise the scripts themselves. The second, is the authorization file which licenses the scripts for use on your system. If you have an authorization for a previous version of Sound Forge scripts, sound forge 6 or later, That authorization will also enable you to use these scripts.

If you do not presently have an authorization, you can download a temporary here. Download Temporary Authorization File Here Place it in the Explore My Settings area as well.

To obtain a permanent authorization, Send $30.00 via PayPal . Include your jaws serial number. Send to:

To install the actual scripts, download the following installer and save it to a place where you can find it. Locate and run the file, which will place the actual scripts into your jaws installation.
This installer has been modified to work with jaws 2018, as well as with previous versions. Download Scripts Version 11.0.7

Once all files are installed, focus in sound forge 11, and press insert+q. Jaws should say: "Scripts version 11.0.7, for Sound Forge 11". If it says that Default Settings are loaded, then the files have not been copied, and the installation was not complete. IF that happens, contact the Snowman.

Once installed and reporting the correct version, you can Use insert+h to learn about the various hot keys.

Check out the Articles section below to learn about the various editing modes.


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