JAWS For Windows Scripts for Temporarily Suspending Braille

Suspend Braille

Some braille displays take quite a beating, as their dots dance up and down, trying to keep up with you as your jump around in a document or application with your keyboard. In many cases you are busy typing and listening, and are not even looking at the display. So, the wear and tear that occurred on the pins in the display was all for naught. You paid a wear and tear penalty but got nothing for it. And, if your display has a high failure rate, it's damange you would rather avoid.

this simple script gives you a way to press a hot key, and freeze your display in place, until you press the key again, or until you do a sayLine command to force an update.

This free script can be incorporated into your default scritps, so it is available no matter where you are focused.

Download the following .zip file, and read the enclosed html file for installation and usage instructions. SuspendBraille.zip download