JAWS Scripts for Sound Forge 5.0

If you use JAWS For Windows with Sound Forge, you may be interested in a series of scripts The SnowMan has developed which allow you to skim through the audio much like you do with a CD player. They allow extremely precise editing of the sound file without having to look at the screen or guess where you are. For an audio sample of how these work, listen to our Sound Forge Editing Demo. This will take a few minutes to download and should start playing automatically.

The SnowMan has adapted scripts for use with Sound Forge version 5.0. These are an update to our famous scripts for Sound Forge 4.5. They provide all the convenience of those previous scripts and give you access to all the power of the new Sound Forge version 5.

The latest version of the Sound Forge scripts, version 5.5c, are available by clicking on one of the linkds below. Note that there are different links for JAWS 3.7 and earlier, and for JAWS 4.0 and later. To use these scripts permanently, you will require an authorization file which can be purchased as described below. However, even without an authorization file, the scripts will run in demo mode for ten minutes, at which time you can continue using Sound Forge without most of the scripts functionality, but must restart JAWS to resume script-assisted operation. Sound Forge 5.0 For Jaws 3.5 and 3.7 Sound Forge 5.0 For Jaws 4.0 And Later

If you already have a copy of our scripts for Sound Forge 4.5, you can upgrade for just $10.00 U.S..

If you do not have the scripts for 4.5, the scripts are available for $30.00 in U.S. funds.

Payment Options
When purchasing these scripts, you must provide your JAWS serial number. We only use this information to encode your authorization and will not provide it to any other party for any reason.

You can pay by credit card or personal check by sending an e-mail to The SnowMan via the link below. Do NOT give us your credit card information. We will send you an URL to a secure website where you can enter that information. We will use our records to determine whether you are a new customer, or if you require an update. Order by e-mail.

If you are a member of PayPal, you can purchase by clicking on one of the links below. You can enter your JAWS serial number in the second edit field for the street address.   Purchase Sound Forge 5 scripts with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure! Update Your Scripts for Sound Forge 5 with PayPal - it's equally fast, free and secure!

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