Sound Forge 6.0 Scripts for JAWS For Windows
Version 6.33

Introduction to Sound Forge 6

Sound Forge 6 is a very powerful program for creating, editing and processing sound files. Without the aid of scripts, Sound Forge can be used by a JAWS user, but there are many controls which do not speak properly. Many adjustable parameters do not properly report their values. But, with these scripts, all controls and sliders become fully usable by a blind person. In addition, you can use the cursor keys to audibly skim through the sound file to rapidly and precisely locate particular positions in the file. For an audio demo of how this works, Click on the link below. Click Here to hear An Audio Skimming Demo in MP3 format

From time to time, updates to these scripts will be posted here. So check back.

Existing subscribers who do not have the most current version may want to view the Change History

You can download the scripts below. but first, please read the detailed information on these scripts. detailed installation instructions, and commonly applicable trouble shooting tips are included. Click Here to View The Read Me file

Download the scripts below. If you presently own a Sound Forge 6 authorization, these scripts use your same authorization. Ifyou do not presently own an authorization, you can still take the scripts for a test drive by downloading a demo authorization at one of the links below.


Jaws 5 and jaws 6 users can Download scripts version 6.34 for JAWS 5 and later If you don't have an authorization, you can obtain a demo authorization to temporarily enable these scripts further down this page under the heading entitled Take a Test Drive.

JAWS 4.x

JAWS 4.0, 4.5 or 4.51 users can download here.

This is the last update for jaws 4.x. Unfortunately, due to limitations in JAWS 4.51, some features, especially the Audio Plug In Manager, may not be fully supported. Download scripts version 6.26 for JAWS 4.x

Converting Your Authorization file to JAWS 5 format

If you are running JAWS 5 with your own serial number, and you already have an authorization file for Sound Forge 6 scripts running under an earlier version of jaws, you will need to convert your existing authorization to the new format. You can keep your old authorization file for use with the older JAWS versions. But, you need to create a new authorization, based on the old one, but which will run under JAWS 5. To do this, Send an e-mail with your old authorization file attached, to

Take A Test Drive?

if you want to take the scripts for a test drive, download the most recent version that supports your version of JAWS. Then, download the appropriate demo authorization file below.

For JAWS 5.0, Download a temporary authorization file for jaws 5

If you are using a version of JAWS prior to 5.0, you'll need to Download A Temporary Authorization file for jaws 4. Place this file in the settings\enu folder of the version of Jaws you are running.

These scripts are available to new subscribers, for thirty dollars US. Existing subscribers to Sound forge 6 are already authorized.

Click on the link below to contact the SnowMan to purchase a permanent authorization file. Please include your Name and jaws serial number so your authorization file can be constructed. Also, specify which version of JAWS you are running.

If you want to pay by credit card, do not include your credit card numbers. The SnowMan will send you an invoice via the ProPay system. You will receive a link to a secure web site where you can enter your credit card information. They will send us a notification when your transaction is complete, and you will receive your permanent authorization file via e-mail attachment.

Naturally, we would love to hear from you. Send e-mail to:

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