Installing Sound Forge 10 and Noise Reduction

Problem: when you open the sound Forge 10 installer, the controls for choosing what portion to install are invisible.

Solution: a customer reports this technique:

  1. Open the Sound Forge 10 installer, soundforgepro10.0a.exe, and leave it open.
  2. go to the run dialog box and type the following:
    %temp%, and press enter
  3. Then, you will find a folder in your tempf folder called:
    Note: you need to leave the: soundforgepro10.0a.exe File open, as closing it, will remove the: SonyInstall_1 folder from your temp folder.
  4. Copy the:
    folder to a drive for backup, then, go to the Windows task manager, with control+shift+escape, then, kill off the following process:
  5. Inside the SonyInstall_1 folder is a folder called:
    Sound Forge Pro 10.0
The Sound Forge Pro 10.0 folder, contains the following folders:
Noise Reduction 2.0i
Sound Forge Pro 10.0
Inside each of these folders is a standard set-up file called:
Which can be utalised to install the Noise Reduction plug-in and Sound Forge Pro 10.0.