Finding The User Settings Folder

Man, did they ever complicate the business of manually installing scripts into jaws 6. There are really two folders where scritps are installed. But, the one into which you should place your scripts is the user settings area. There are two ways to get there.

To open explorer to see the folder where user scripts are stored, do the following:

If you need to paste the path of this folder somewhere, such as when telling WinZip where to extract files, you need to first get that path placed on your clipboard.

Here is how to learn the path to the settings folderfor JAWS 6. Paste the following simple script into your favorite script file, and then attached your favorite hot key to this script. I made mine a part of the default script file. This script will place the path to the user settings folder on your windows clipboard. After running this script, you can then just press control+v to paste the path in an edit field if needed, such as when unzipping an archive.

Script LearnSettingsFolderPath ()
string s
Let s = GetJAWSSettingsDirectory ()
CopyToClipboard (s)
SayString ("user settings path is now on the clipboard")

Copy the above lines to your clipboard. Open the default script file with insert+0 on the numbers row. Go to the bottom of the file and paste this script. With the cursor inside this new script, press control+d to edit the documentation. Tab to the hot key input box, and press your favorite hot key. then press ok. Now, recompile the default scripts with control+s. Your new script should now be ready to use. Although, if it doesn't run, try restarting JAWS. JAWS 6 is slow to recognize changes the keyboard assignments.

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