JAWS For Windows Script Tutorials

The SnowMan did a series of thirteen segments on the Main Menu program on ACB Radio on the subject of writing scripts for JAWS. This is not an exhaustive treatment of the subject, but it does cover a wide range of areas. The series explains concepts, from the very basic to the advanced, in great detail. Very little background is presumed, and concepts are explained from the ground up.

This series was recorded prior to JAWS 4.51, and thus does not address the more recent customizations to jaws, such as the prompt creator, or the more recent web page customizations. Instead, it focuses on the basics of the script language itself. It is intended to help non-programmers learn enough about the programming environment to be able to write basic scripts themselves. It will not teach you everything about the language, or show you exactly how to customize and application. however, it will help you break the ice, and get started on that long and adventurous road of writing JAWS Scripts by explaining many of the basic underlying concepts.

These tutorials are available for Free.

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