So, you're a cheapscate, and you're looking for something for nothing, ay? Ok, this page lists scripts made available free of charge. These scripts are totally unsupported, except where the author has graciously chosen to include his or her name. zip files include the source, so you can modify the scripts yourself. In some cases, the author only addresses portions of the program that became apparent in their private usage, and may not constitute a comprehensive treatment of the application. But, that's where you come in. You get to finish the job, or revise these at will.

Download your choice from the following growing list of free scripts:

MSConfig For Windows XP

This is a modified version of the FS scripts for MSConfigXP. This one plays a quick popping sound as you arrow up and down in the multi-select lists, such as services, or startup panes. The pop comes first, so you don't have to listen all the way through the line just to find out if the item is checked or not. This probably only works on XP. MSConfig Scripts


HotSpotClicker can be used to cause certain screen locations to be clicked when you press a hot key, or to speak a certain location. Visit

JAWS Script Manager Scripts

To enhance the power of the JAWS script manager. Lots of cool features, like bookmarks, Comments in a different voice, comment skipping. Level matching, automatic indentation handling etc. Place the cursor on an if statement, and press a hot key to jump directly to the matching else or endif. This also works with while loops, for loops, or forEach loops. Or, place cursor on a function call, and press a hot key to jump to the code for that function. Another hot key to return to the calling location. Better support for call stack analysis. You might also want the JLS utilities shown below. To Install, download and run the installer below. When in scritp manager, press insert+q to test. If it says Script manager scripts,version 18, things are installed correctly. Check out the insert+h hot key list. It might be necessary to also go to the shared settings folder, and rename the script manager files. Rename the .jsb file, and the .jkm file. Just change the .jsb to .$sb, and .jkm to .$km. This will help you find them when you need to rename them back. Note, If you update jaws, you will probably need to rename those files back to original names before the update will work. Downlow the executable installer here: Script manager Scripts, version 18

JLS_Utilities, version 44

This page describes a set of utility scripts, intended for those who are serious about writing JAWS scripts. These are the development utilities the Snowman uses to write his scripts. These are similar in functionality to the Home Row mode, provided as part of jaws. however, they do not require switching keyboard modes, and include a much more powerful feature set. Included here are lots of tools for learning exactly how your application behaves, and producing customizations with a fraction of the effort. This set is really a must for people who are serious scriptors, or who intend to become so. It is not intended for those who do not have some familiarity with programming, and with the way windows programs behave.

You can download these scripts below. But first, please read the following help file, which will give you a much better understanding of what these utilities can do. Detailed installation instructions are listed there, in a level 1 heading entitled, Installation. Then, return to this page for the download links. Basically, the installer will copy in the files,and recompile them for your version of jaws. Then, you need to take manual steps to incorporate the default hot keys, and connect the utilities to your default scripts. Read The JLS_Utilities help file.

You can also download an MP3 file, containing a 30 minute audio walkthrough of the use of these scripts by clicking here. Audio Demo of JLS_utilities

Download the scripts here, and run the installer, which will copy in the necessary files,and recompile them for your version of jaws. JLS Utilities version 44

ITunes Free JAWS Scripts

John Martin provides the following for iTunes: JAWS Scripts for iTunes

More scripts to come.