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This page was updated on August 23, 2023.

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What Is This Page All About?

This page lists various scripts developed for the screen reader program JAWS For Windows by Freedom Scientific used by the blind to gain access to computer applications. These scripts are designed to render PC access as complete and convenient as possible. The SnowMan is an experienced script writer, has taken the Customizing Jaws For Windows training provided by Freedom Scientific, and has been developing software professionally for over 50000 years. Best of all, The SnowMan uses his own scripts, so you know they are designed to make your life as easy as possible.

These scripts are provided in English only. You can use jaws setup for other languages, But the text spoken by these scripts, and the text displayed by the applications must be in English. Special adaptation to other non-english keyboard layouts is the responsibility of the user.

How To Purchase

We offer the PayPal system as the primary method to allow you to pay for your scripts by credit card. Our PayPal address is

Send an e-mail to the Snowman, specifying which scripts you would like to obtain, and your jaws serial number. The serial number is just used to impeed piracy. You can also send money via PayPal. In the memo, please include your e-mail address so we can get back to you, and specify which scripts you would like, and your jaws serial number. Send the money to the payPal address:,br>

Want to learn to write JAWS scripts yourself?

Read about the very basic Script-Writing Tutorial Compact Disk offered by The SnowMan.


Vastly improve your own ability to increase accessibility of your favorite programs yourself. A free adaptive utility called HotSpotClicker can be used with any application. It doesn't already know about your application. You have to teach it. But, you don't have to know scripting to do so. You just need to know something about how to operate the application from a user's perspective.
HotSpotClicker is free, but donations are earnestly solicited .


Serious script writers will want to take a look at the SnowMan's free utilities for exploring applications. This set is analogous to JAWS scripting mode on steroids, and lets you quickly navigate the logical windows structure of the system to obtain the kind of information used by scripts, without entering in to any special layered keyboard mode. MSAA and UIA objects can also be navigated. Script Writing Utilities

Script Manager Scripts

The JAWS script manager is really just an application, like any other. So, it too can have jaws scripts written for it.

This set of scripts provides some very nice tools for getting around a script file, plus some handy tools, such as the ability to jump around code that you would like to skip, with the press of a hot key. Put your cursor on an If statement, and jemp down to the corresponding else, elif, or endif. Likewise, you can easily skip from "While" to "endWhile. Tools like that allow you to simplify your mental activity, and focus more effectively on the code you are trying to analyze.

Or, put your cursor on a function call, and press a key to jump straight to the body of that function to read it. Press another hotkey to jump back to the original calling point.

Ever feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of variable names you need to work with, and unable to remember them all? Collect a list of commonly used words, such as variable names. Put your cursor on the name of that variable, and press a hot key to capture it. You can capture as many names as you like. Other hot keys let you pick a name from the list, and have it typed into your code. You can also delete unwanted names, save the list to a file, or load it from a file.

Plus, there are hot keys for conveniently managing indentation. Speech-only script writers often choose to ignore indentation. But, indentation is a nice way to make it easier to assess the structure of the logic, especially for a sighted reader, or one using a Braille display. But, even a speech-only user can quickly assess the indentation level, to help map out how deep they are into the current logic.

Script manager scripts are free. Read More About Script manager Scripts

List Of Available Scripts

Click on a link below for more information about scripts for any of the following applications.

Suspend Braille Reaper Sound Forge 17 pro Sound Forge 16 pro and AudioStudio16 Sound Forge 15 pro and AudioStudio15 Sound Forge 14 pro Sound Forge 13 pro Sound Forge 12 pro Sound Forge 12, as AudioStudio Sound Forge 11 Sound Forge 10. Sound Forge 9 Sound Forge 8.0d Sound Forge 7.0 Sound Forge 6.0 Sound Forge, Version 5 Sound Forge, Version 4.5 or XP JAWS Script manager OtsAV DJ version 1.77 and 1.85 OTS DJ Version 1.00 Miscellaneous Free Scripts Roxio Easy CD Creator version 5 Easy CD Creator version 4 FTP Voyager

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